Things to do with pallets at Halloween

21 Oct

BrandBase Staircase

(Via The Office Design Gallery, Fastcodesign and Contemporist)

Next time you see a bunch of kids carting a stack of pallets around in October, don’t automatically assume they’re up to pyro naughtiness. They could, in fact, be designing a stylish new office interior like the guys in Most Architecture for BrandBase.

BrandBase Open Plan

The Amsterdam based advertising & brand agency expressed an explicit wish to use  the most recyclable materials available for this project. The furniture installation was supposed to be temporary and the pallets may still be used for whatever people use pallets for normally. The staff are protected from any splinters or pointy bits in the wood by topping the work surfaces with safety glass. I have no idea what fire rating, if any, these pallets have. It would be my guess that unless they were treated for safety they would be impractical as a permanent office furniture solution. Nevertheless they’ve achieved what they wanted, a scene-chic interior and a gansai load of publicity. (They even have their own facbook page)

BrandBase Conference Table

I like it a lot, and when the time comes for me to go out on my own as a designer you’ll probably find me somewhere in Tallaght gathering materials for my new office. What do you think ?


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