Defuse Dublin

3 Nov


Here’s what I got up to last night. I kicked off Design Week 2010 at Defuse in the Sugar Club on Leeson St. It was a series of 11 Ignite style talks organised by iXda Dublin. The Ignite format is a talk exactly five minutes long, each speaker shares on a relevant topic using 20 slides, each slide changing every 15 seconds. Explosive stuff (see what I did there..?). The result was an engaging, inspiring night of creative discussion. The main points I took away from the evening are as follows…

  1. Get lost in creativity – Randall Snare
  2. Understand your audience, ask the right questions – Breandán Ó Nualltáin
  3. Print still matters – Aileen O’Toole
  4. Storytelling matters – Seamus Byrne
  5. Design objects with data in mind – Ian Walton & Marcel Twohig
  6. New media is only new if you are old –Ciaran Norris
  7. Choice is an illusion – Pete Lunn
  8. Complex Vs Complexity – Antonella Sassu
  9. The German’s ‘Auftragstaktik’ works better than micromanaging – John Wood
  10. You’re Awesome! Design should have a positive effect – Ellen Dudley
  11. Get off your arse and take success for yourself – Eoghan McCabe

I’m looking forward to the next event already 😀


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